Udawalawe National Park (Sri Lanka)

Do you want to see the Sri Lankan elephant? Then you should definitely visit Udawalawe National Park. This National Park is the third most visited park in Sri Lanka and is definitely worth a visit. The park is well known for its water birds and the Sri Lankan (Asian) elephant.

We even saw an elephant walking along beside the road on the way to the park!

Asian elephant walks next to an electric fence and Udawalawe Reservoir in Udawalawe national Park in Sri Lanka

In the park itself, the elephants pass by so closely that you can almost touch them.

Big asian elephant walks towards a new tree for food in Udawalawe national Park Sri Lanka

You are only allowed into the National Park with a ranger. The ranger knows exactly what you can and cannot do to assure your safety.

Asian elephant with her calf in Udawalawe national Park Sri Lanka

And if the Elephants aren’t enough, there’s also a great variety of (water) birds which make the National Park an excellent place for birdwatching.

Kingfisher with a water buffalo in the background at Udawalawe national Park Sri Lanka

An eagle high in a tree in Udawalawe national Park Sri Lanka

As we left the park, they opened The Udawalawe Dam. This was quite a spectacular sight! Seeing so much rushing water!

Udawalawe Dam with all four spillways open creating a big stream of water in Sri lanka

The dam with all four spillways open.

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