Pathein, Myanmar

Shwemokehtaw Pagoda in Pathein Myanmar

Pathein is a city where you will not see a lot of tourists. Many tourists choose to go to the beach area straight away. Walking around the streets you are an attraction for many locals. A smile get’s you a long way and you will get the most beautiful smiles and friendly ‘hellos’ back. Because the most tourists go to Ngwe beach or Chaungtha beach they don’t stop, or at least not longer than one day, in Pathein. This alone can be enough reason to visit this city, and can be very interesting to the real traveller who’s not looking for mass tourism.

Pathein skyline with the Shwemokhtaw pagoda

We recommend taking a small boat and visit the other side of Pathein as well, because you won’t find any place more local.

Pathein skyline with the Shwemokhtaw pagoda

Just walk around and experience the local lifestyle. We love to do things like this, not an organised tour to a village where a new group of tourists will come along every day. For us this isn’t the real local experience, just follow your own path and become part of the environment and the locals. You will realise that your local experience can be everywhere without booking a tour, just go out there and explore.

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