Pak ou caves, Laos

Mountain across the Pak Ou Caves with longtail boat passing by, Laos

A 2 hour boat ride brings you to the Pak Au caves. It’s good to know that the boat ride is actually the best thing to most of us. You got a nice view from the river and you can take some nice photos from the beautiful landscape with the mountains in the background. Just like Luang Prabang itself, the Pak Au cave is a tourism hotspot. So together with 100 others, who arrive with the boat as well, you’ll see the caves full with Buddha statues. Like almost all temples/attractions in Luang Prabang you need to pay an entrance fee. At the Pak Au caves it’s 20.000 kip (app. 2 dollars)

Standing Buddhas overlooking the Mekong in Pak Ou Laos

For us the best thing was the view from the cave itself.

Standing Buddhas and offers at the Pak Ou Caves in Laos

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