Northern lights in Iceland and Greenland

For many years one of the most funny stories about my travels was that despite I had been to Iceland several times, I had never managed to see any Northern Lights. I tried for three years in a a row and all my missions miserably failed.

The end of the story was that I moved there to make this ancient dream coming true. In 2014 I decided to move to Iceland and one of the reasons was definitely that of pursuing the hunt to the Green Spirits. That winter my plan worked pretty well and I saw some good Northern Lights in Reykjavik first and on lake Myvatn after, where the less light pollution helps to see them better, but I was still not completely satisfied.

Looking up to the northern light in Kulusuk Greenland

It was in Greenland that I saw the most beautiful Northern Lights of my life. One night the forecast was quite good and together with my friend Willy we decided to get some beers and sit under the cold clear sky to enjoy the show. They started gently with some very nice colours and so it was for quite some time, until something suddenly changed.

Looking up to the northern light in Kulusuk Greenland

They sky became all green and then above our heads the most wonderful ever seen Lights started to dance in million shaped forms and colours. I could not stop screaming of astonishment and happiness.

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