Koala funfacts

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Koala yawning in a tree at Kangaroo island in Australia

1. Did you know that koalas have a pouch?

Just like kangaroos, koalas have a pouch. The young koala (joey) lives in its mother’s pouch for up to 6 months, where it grows and drinks milk. When it gets bigger, the young koala climbs onto the back of its mother.

Koala sleeping in a tree at Kangaroo island, Australia

2. Did you know that koalas differ in appearance?

In Australia, koalas are found in 4 states. In the north, koalas are almost twice as small as the koalas in the south. In the south, koalas also have a thicker coat, as it gets colder in these states.

Koala in a tree around the great ocean road in Australia

3. Did you know that koala bears are not related to the bear family?

Even though they are called bears, koalas are not related to the bear family at all. They are just called koala bears because they look like them. Koalas are part of the marsupial family and are close related to the wombat.

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