Greenland, the biggest island in the world

Greenland, the biggest island in the world, has a population of barely 57000 people, widely sparse on its massive empty frozen surface. There are no roads connecting the tiny villages where Greenlandic people live. The only way to move around is by plane, helicopter, boat, or, in winter and for shorter distances, by dog sledging or snowmobiles. Said like that, it seems an easy life, but experienced in the daily routine and with the Greenlandic moody weather, it is very different and every trip, even the shortest, becomes an adventure and a fight to stay alive.

Iceberg inbetween Kulusuk and Tasillaq in Greenland

I experienced a boat trip in Greenland few days ago. Destination Tasiilaq, the village on the other side of the bay, 24 kms away by land and about 45 minutes by boat from Kulusuk. A piece of cake in optimal conditions, quite adventure in the Arctic.

I don’t think I have ever been more scared in life than the other day on that boat to Tasiilaq.

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