Did you know about the Rhino...

White rhino at the savanna in Waterberg South Africa

1. Did you know that the name ‘white and black rhino’ isn’t correct?

The white rhino was actually called ‘wide rhino’, because of its wide mouth. The English thought that ‘wide’ meant ‘white’ and that is why the wide rhino is now called white rhino. And because one was white, the English called the other one ‘black’.

Rhino in Chitwan National Park Nepal

2. Did you know that the Indian rhino is the largest of all rhino species?

The Indian rhino can grow up to 2 m. The Sumatran rhino is the smallest specie and grows up to 1.4 m.

Close up from a white rhino eating grass in Waterberg South Africa

3. Did you know that all rhino species are endangered?

Rhinos are hunted for their horns. People believe that medicine can be made of the horns. Even though rhinos are very much protected, they are still hunted and the loss of habitat also doesn’t make it easier for the rhinos to survive.


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