The best hunters in the animal kingdom

African wild dog looking towards the camera at Moremi Game Reserve in Botswana

1. Did you know that African wild dogs are some of the best hunters in the animal kingdom?

They have a success rate of 80%. As a comparison, lions only have a success rate of 30%.

Female lion look inside male lion mouth

2. Did you know that lions are smaller than tigers?

People often think that a lion is called ‘the king of the jungle’ because of its large size, but tigers are larger. Lions are ‘the kings of the jungle’ because they work in teams, which makes them very good hunters and they don’t have many natural predators.

Hippos sleeping in the mud next to a waterpool in Pilanesberg Game Reserve South Africa

3. Did you know that hippos are the most aggressive animals found in Africa?

Even though hippos eat water plants, they kill more humans than any other African wildlife.

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