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Media Restrictions

There are many different reasons why your media can be rejected. From the quality of your media to usage restrictions placed on the subject matter. We suggest you read this media restrictions & rejections posting thoroughly so you can learn how to make better photos/videos that will get approved and be marketable at TravelTelly.

Quality of your media rejections

Out of focus
If your media isn’t sharp, that is to say, it is out of focus; we will reject your upload. The buyers of your media want to purchase clear high quality images.

Poor composition
If we think the composition of your media isn’t at the level of quality the buyers are looking for we will reject your media. This mean we believe the composition of the shot is not suitable for commercial use and that it will not sell.

Poor lightning
If you media is too bright or to dark (often resulting in grainy images) we will reject your media.

Recognizable people
We can not accept media containing recognizable people at TravelTelly. Read more about this restriction in the *No recognizable people section.

Visible trademark, Image contains visible brand names or logos
We will be forced to reject your upload if your media contains visible brand names or logos. Please remove them before you upload the media to TravelTelly. Read more about visible trademark rejection in the section: Trademark.


While on your amazing travel adventure you will phoneograph awesome landscapes, incredible buildings and landmarks to share on social media without thinking about usage restrictions. But before uploading media to TravelTelly, you need to know about these restrictions around the world.

Remember that most restrictions are placed on famous architecture & landmarks in continents and countries like North America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, China, Taiwan, Japan, Brazil, Panama etc. So if you want to upload media to TravelTelly from these places, don’t forget to check the: Media Restrictions List

Countries with restrictions (Last update 01-01-2018)

* Restrictions in countries that we know of, this doesn’t mean that his map is complete

The Netherlands, Belgium, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Portugal, Poland, Ireland, Iceland, Austria, Czech Republic, Luxembourg, Switzerland

North America
United States, Canada

China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Cambodia


United Arab Emirates, Brazil, Bahrein, Panama, Turkey, Tanzania, Russia

Media Restrictions List

We don’t accept media from or related to:
Art, Artists, Events, Stadiums, Museums, Concerts, Amusement parks, Zoos

Some basic rules to remember

- Avoid brands, logos and trademarks in your media.

- If the images are captured at a Ticketed location, most media is not suitable for commercial use.

- Isolated buildings with recognizable architecture (landmarks) are often not suitable for commercial use. Buildings are still acceptable for commercial use if they are part of the skyline.

- Don’t submit media containing recognizable people to TravelTelly

No recognizable people
At TravelTelly we don’t allow photos/videos with recognizable people in it. So please don’t upload media with recognizable people because they will be rejected. Even if you have an agreement with the person that it can be used commercially (with a model release), we still don’t accept recognizable people in media at TravelTelly.

We don’t accept photos/videos containing brand names or logos. This can be the reason why your image has been rejected. For example, we can’t accept images like this for commercial purposes because it contains copyrighted material that you are not allowed to sell or use without permission of the copyright holder.

Example photo of a trademark

Can I remove a trademark?
Yes if you know how to remove the trademark/logo in your image you can do it. But remember we review all incoming material and can still reject your image if it doesn’t meet our quality standards.

Removing a trademark or logo is possible but there are some exceptions even without logos, because they’re universally recognizable

- Apple
Red Cross

* Phones in general are protected by design patents and not suitable for commercial use

Can my image be used for editorial?
If you think your image is suitable for editorial use, check the box ‘editorial’ when you submit your photo/video. Our review team will decide if it can be used for ‘Editorial’ or if it will be rejected because of Trademark/brand names.

Keep in mind: When you phoneograph try to avoid trademarks and logos.

Property restrictions
When you submit media to TravelTelly containing recognizable places, buildings, or other property such as travel vehicles, landmarks or artwork you must have a legal form signed by the owner of the property that you are allowed to use the media for commercial use. We call this a release. Without a release your media can’t be accepted for commercial use.

Media of isolated buildings with modern or recognizable architecture are generally unsuitable for commercial use. They can be suitable for commercial use if they are a part of a skyline.

If you have approval from the property you can download a property release form here and have them sign it so you can send it to with your [Profile name] after you have uploaded the photo/video.

Property types that may require a property release can be:
- Landmarks/architecture (for example the Eiffel Tower at night in Paris, France)

- Art (for example Manneken Pis statue in Brussels, Belgium)

- Exterior or Interior of homes and buildings (For example Hundertwasserhaus Vienna, Austria)

- Products like toys, furniture, airplanes etc. For example the Singapore flag)

- Transportation like Trains, Airplanes, Cabs etc (For example the London Black Cab)

- National Parks  (For example the Iguaçu National Park Paraná, Brazil)

- Unique animals (for example the grumpy cat)

- Ticketed locations like amusement parks, stadiums, museums, concert venues, zoo (for example we don’t allow any media from inside an amusement park)

Generic street scenes and cityscapes do not need releases, like this one in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Broad cityscapes without a single point of focus don't need releases

City skyline containing the Sydney opera house may be acceptable for commercial use

Landmarks and monuments
Landmarks and monuments are some of the most captured images when travelling. But they are also, in general, restricted content that will require a release before you can make it available for commercial use. It depends on the country in which you take your media; we suggest you to check the Media Restrictions List before submitting your media to TravelTelly.

Historical monuments more than 120-years-old generally don't require releases, for example, the Statue of Liberty in New York City (USA)

Memorial sites
Memorial sites and cemeteries are not suitable for Commercial use. They are possibly suitable for Editorial use. We suggest that you should avoid these places when creating media for TravelTelly.

* Ruins may be suitable for commercial use. But always research the place that you visit and find out if you need to have a permission to use your media for commercial use.

In you media, try to avoid products like (luxury) brands & goods, designer furniture, any game (board games, card games and puzzles), jewelry etc. They are not suitable for commercial use.

* Removing product names, logos or other markings is often not enough for these products because they’re universally recognizable.

Religious places
If you know you are visiting a particular church or temple, try to read their photo/videography policy on their website before taking any media. Some churches & Temples are not only places of worship, they can also be museums and may be privately owned.

Japanese temples, shrines, and castles
Commercial phoneography is not allowed of structures or on the grounds of Japanese heritage sites. Please research and confirm that you can submit media of temples, shrines or castles for ‘Editorial’ use to TravelTelly

Insignias of government & public services
We don’t accept media with government or public service markings in it for example: Military, Police, Firemen etc. No insignias, logos, shields, banners, etc. are allowed.

Ticketed locations (Museums, Zoo, Aquarium)
Exterior shots containing museums may be suitable for commercial use if they are not the main focus. Some Exterior shots of museums may be suitable for editorial use.

Exterior shots of the Art museum in Groningen may be suitable for editorial use.

Media made on-site or inside the museum are not suitable for commercial use. And we don’t allow anything related to places like a Zoos, Aquariums and Theme parks
* If you need to pay admission ask for permission to phoneograph.

Universities & Colleges
We don’t accept media related to private universities & colleges. Many private universities have their own policies governing capture and use of media recorded on campus.

Exterior shots may be suitable for editorial use if they are not the main focus.

Private homes and buildings
Private homes & buildings need a property release to be suitable for commercial use. Media made on grounds or from public property, Skyline or generic media may be suitable for commercial use if no particular structure is the main focus.

Generic houses do not need releases like this one in Groningen, The Netherlands

(Professional) Sport stadiums, venues and related topics
We don’t accept media related to (professional) sport stadiums or venues. Also we do not accept any branding of (Professional) sports, for example logos or branding on clothing.

We also don’t accept media from (Private) Golf courses, race courses, and other ticketed and professional sports venues.

Skylines, street scenes or exterior media including a sport venue may be suitable for commercial use if it is not the main focus.

Sensitive Personal Information
We don’t accept media containing sensitive personal information, like Credit cards, Bank Accounts, ID cards, Passports. Driver’s license, license plates, personal addresses etc. This includes any media with someone's sensitive personal information or that invades their privacy.

Art (Art installations, Graffiti, Street Art)
We are very strict with Art and related topics in media because of copyright protection. Media that we do not accept includes: Artwork, Art installations, Graffiti, Street Art and Tattoos. Avoid submitting media like this. If you did your research and you know it may be suitable for editorial use please check the box ‘Editorial’ when you submit it to TravelTelly.

* Graffiti isn’t allowed without a release of the artist itself

Political related topics
We don’t accept media related to political icons & symbols for commercial use. They may be suitable for editorial use. The same with flags of states, governments, or organizations.
* We do not accept images of burning flags.

Maps/ Globes

Don’t capture Maps, Globes or Atlases in your media because they are are protected by copyright.

Try to avoid paper money in your media. All currency featuring images of Queen Elizabeth II are unacceptable.

Flags of countries
Except for Singapore and Panama, country flags are suitable for commercial use.
*We do not accept media of burning flags.

When you make a sunny travel photo with a sunglasses in it don’t capture the brand or remove it before submitting.

Passport & Signatures
Media that contains passports, visas or signatures are not suitable for commercial use.

Postcards and postage stamps are not suitable for Commercial use.

Public transportation
You need explicit permission from public transit systems to phoneograph on location. Signs, maps, and logos of public transit are protected by various copyrights and trademarks

Editorial use:
Sign at Utrecht Station in The Netherlands. If the sign is scrubbed like we did in the next photo, you can submit the image for commercial use

Marks and logos must be removed from cars.
London Black Cab , LTI Black Taxi in the United Kingdom are not suitable for Commercial use.

Cameras & Phones
Isolated images of cameras, camera equipment or phones are not suitable for Commercial use.

Don't forget to check the Media Restrictions List