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The Pena Palace in Sintra Lighthouse Brandaris (Terschelling) The Sassenpoort in Zwolle The Oldehove in Leeuwarden The Roman theatre of Plovdiv Torres de Serranos in Valencia Plaza de espana, Seville Arc de Triomf in Barcelona Diever (Drenthe) The old St. Bartholomew Church Bell tower of Greonterp Sint Vitus Church of Blauwhuis St. Bartholomew Church (Westhem) chat Green tower It Heechsân chat Doris Mooltsje (Friesland) chat Statue from Speelman Peije chat Corn Carrier's House (Korendragershuisje) chat Statue Maarten van der Weijden chat Church of Ginnum (Friesland) chat Sunset at Roque Nublo chat The Waterpoort