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1.1 General account settings

How do I edit my profile?
Click on the profile icon (right on top at the site or right under in the app menu) and choose the option Edit Profile.

How do I change my username?
You can't change your username. Contact support for more information.

How do I change my display name?
Go to your profile page, choose Edit Profile and change your display name.

How do I upload or change a profile picture?
Go to your profile page, and click at the change button under your profile icon (if you didn’t upload a photo yet). You can upload or change your profile picture.

How do I add a personal text to my profile?
Go to your profile page, choose Edit Profile and you can add information about yourself in the bio.

How do I change my country?
Go to your profile page, choose Edit Profile and click at the house icon to change your country.

How do I add the mobile camera I use?
Go to your profile page, choose Edit Profile and add or change the mobile camera phone you use. (You can add more than one).

How do I add the apps I use?
Go to your profile page, choose Edit Profile and add or change the camera app you use.

How do I see the images that I have downloaded?
Go to ‘my profile’ and choose My Downloads to see the images you have downloaded. You can delete this history (be careful with deleting because maybe you want to download them again). 

How do I change my settings?
Go to My Profile and click at the settings icon next to the 'edit profile' button to change your preferences.

How can I contact support?
Go to the support page to get in touch with us.

How can I log out?
Go to My Profile and click at the settings icon next to the 'edit profile' button and click at the Log Out button.

1.2 Pro Account

What is the Difference between a Free and Pro Account?
With a pro account you will get much more benefits in connecting personally with the travel contributors. Besides that, you will also have free downloads from our own TravelTelly mobile footage shot by our own experienced TravelTelly team.

What is a Pro Account?
With a pro account you will have these benefits:
●Send a direct request to travel contributors around the world
●Start a group contest (ask contributors to join a contest so you can choose the best image for your brand)
●Download free content (photos and videos) shot by the experienced TravelTelly team

What is the price for a Pro Account?
The pro account contract is a year contract for $ 9,99 a month. If you pay one year in advance you pay $99,- for a whole year.

How do I get a PRO account?
Go to My Profile and choose ‘Get a PRO account’ and follow the next steps.

1.3 Information on browsing and selecting content

How can I search for images?
Click at the search icon at the top right corner and type a search term. For example, search on destination ‘Amsterdam’ ,‘Europe’ or landscape/objects ‘Sunset’ ‘Mountains’ ‘Transportation’ ‘Skyline’ or even search on our members.

Can I search on tags?
Click on one of the ‘tags’ under the image to find more content with the same tag.

How do I get more information of the photo or video?
Click on the ‘i’ information icon above the image to get more detail like resolution, date, camera etcetera. 

How can I find similar content from the same place?
Under every photo or video you will find content from 'around here' (this location).

How can I save a photo/video who I like and don’t immediately want to buy?
Click on the ‘Label’ above every image to save this item in your profile favorites.

Can I comment on an image?
Yes feel free to place a positive comment on a photo or video to support our contributors (Travel Phoneographer) #FeelTheLove 

How do I get more random images from around the world in my Explore page
Start following people and their images show up in your ‘explore’ feed

How can I follow someone?
Under every image you can see who is the contributor (Travel Phoneographer). Click at the name or profile picture to go to the contributors profile and you will find a ‘Follow’ button. Once you click follow every new photo or video will be in your explore feed

1.4 Information on buying and paying content

How do I buy a photo or video?
You need to buy credits before you can download a photo or video. Once you have bought and added credits to your account, you can buy a photo or video by clicking the Download Button. Save the image on your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device.

What do I need to pay for a photo or video?
Our prices: Photo $ 5,- HD Video $ 10,- 4K Video $20,- (every credit is one dollar).

How do I change my payment settings?
Go to My Profile and click on Settings to add or change your payment settings.

How can I see what I bought?
Go to My Profile and click at My Downloads. You will find you download history and can you download the images again.

Can I get an invoice?
From every download you receive an email notification, this is your invoice. 

Can I get discount?
When you have a pro account you can download all the footage from the TravelTelly Account for free. If you need to order more than 50 images from the marketplace, ask us for discount. Contact us at Support

Can there be rights at content that I bought and who I publish?
When you buy the content from our site/app it is Royality Free, that means that the travel phoneographer gives you the rights to use it in any way you like. That doesn’t mean that all content is free from publishing rights. You need to do research if you can use the images in the production you like to. That there is no copyright for example at: A building, art object etc. 

We are not responsible for what you do with the image. Read more about this in our Terms of Use.

1.5 Complete list of definitions and most used terms

What is a travel phoneographer?
This is someone who loves to travel and makes beautiful photos/ videos with a mobile phone and submits them to TravelTelly to sell it. We also call them our contributors. 

What is a capture location?
This is the place where the travel phoneographer took the photo or video.

What is stock photo & videography?
Stock photo/videography are photos/videos that clients can buy directly at an online content marketplace instead of hiring a photo/videographer. 

What is HD, 4K and VR?
HD stands for High Definition (1920 x 1080 pixels), 4K is also known as Ultra HD and is 4 times bigger than HD (4096 x 2160 pixels) VR stands for Virtual Reality (360 degrees videos). 

What does Royalty Free (RF) stand for?
Royalty free means that you are allowed to use the content freely in all kinds of media. Buying a photo/video and selling it under your name at our app or other microstock sites or apps is strictly forbidden.