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Commercial & Editorial
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Commercial & Editorial

Not all your photos and videos can be used for commercial use, because content like buildings/landmarks/objects etc may not be acceptable due to intellectual property, privacy, and/or private property rights.

When you upload a photo/video to TravelTelly think about this: If you think the content is editorial, check the box ‘Editorial’ on the upload page.

How do I know when I need to check the box editorial?
"Editorial content means content which could be used for a news item or provide information on  human interest subjects (business, arts and culture, technology, etc.). We don’t accept content with recognizable people for commercial or editorial use at TravelTelly. Content with property used without a release should indicate a specific subject that could be the topic of a news item or commentary."

Property release.

If you don’t have a property release from a building where you need to have a release for you need to check the box ‘Editorial’ If you have the permission to use it commercially you can download a property release form here and fill it in and send it to us. You can find a list with buildings that you need to have a property release for here.

Luckily beautiful landscapes, beaches, amazing animals and mind blowing sunsets are good for commercial use. :)

Here a some examples:

Editorial use

Because of the Brand ‘New Yorker’ on the building this photo can’t be used commercially.
But it could be the topic of a news item.

Commercial use

This photo is a good example of a beach photo which can be used for commercial use.

Not for Commercial/ Editorial use

Because of the trademark/logo on this bottle you can’t use this commercially or editorial without an approval from this brand.

Always try to avoid logos/brands when taking a photo/video that you want to sell.

Here you’ll find a list of content with restrictions.

Commercial Content: Commercial content is imagery used to sell or promote a product, service or idea. Most stock footage is produced for commercial use which includes categories such as lifestyle, business and technology. If your video includes recognizable people or business, you must acquire a model/property release to make it available for commercial use. TravelTelly doesn’t accept photos/videos with recognizable people. TravelTelly property releases are available on our legal page.

Furthermore, there are famous landmarks and places that have image restrictions. Some can only be used for editorial use while others are off-limits for both commercial and editorial usage, so you need to do a basic search to be sure your work doesn’t contain anything that is copyrighted.

Editorial Content: Editorial content is photo/video that you typically see in news-based stories, documentaries or educational material. These photos/videos are mostly captured in public places and might include recognizable people. (At TravelTelly we don’t accept photos/videos with recognizable people as Editorial content either) Editorial content cannot be used for commercial purposes, so you cannot use it to sell or promote a product, service, or idea.

You don’t have to travel the world to get great photos/videos. Instead, first look around your own neighbourhood to see what opportunities are out there. Over 7 million people visit the Eiffel tower each year, which means hundreds of thousands of phoneographers are capturing that same exact landmark in France. We also see that more and more buyers want authentic content from unknown places. Save yourself the time and money by keeping it local.

Avoid Critical Mass: Avoid uploading photos/videos that we already have a lot of. Take a look at TravelTelly for content that has been phoneographed less. Try to be creative and upload new topics and places!