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About Us

TravelTelly is created by Johannes Oppewal and Jorn Postma, two Dutch guys who love to travel and capture this beautiful world. The idea of creating a community to combine Travel and (Mobile) Tech was born soon after they met. The beauty of this world is all around us, and our phone, the device with which we capture it, is always with us.

Johannes, who has years of experience in the travel stock content industry and has visited over 80 countries (and counting :)), saw the world of content creation change. Capturing, creating and selling content is more accessible to everyone than ever before.

"When I started traveling to all these amazing places around the world, I needed a big (expensive) camera to make high quality media. Now we all have a high quality camera with us in our pocket, in our phones" — Johannes Oppewal

Jorn, who has years of experience in the field of software development, saw creating this community as a way to combine his love for travel and tech.

"Our planet is a wonderful place. I always feel inspired and privileged when I'm surrounded by nature. To me, creating the TravelTelly community is a way of allowing people to share this feeling and to inspire others." — Jorn Postma

Our goal of the TravelTelly Community is to bring supply (phoneographers*) and demand (buyers) together. We’re creating an amazing community where people create and share beautiful media, interact with each other, and where they can make some money for their next travel. It’s a platform where buyers can buy affordable and easy travel media, request media or start a contest through Travel Phoneographers from around the world.

* We call our members “Travel Phoneographers”: people who create media with their phone.