Book Review: ‘The Travel Book. A journey through every country in the world’ by Lonely Planet - ****

July 2, 2012, 10:39 a.m.
The Travel Book is a huge and heavy book written by Lonely Planet and has 447 pages. It describes every country in the world, with a total of 229 countries. With 817 images, this is a book that shows you what a country is really like, without showing you just the tourist attractions. Every country has about 4 photos and gives basic information: -best time to visit; -things to see; -things to do; -its capital and its residents; -map and much more. Even though each country only has a small part of text to read, it actually explains almost everything you need to know before you will decide to visit a country. It is a book with which you will discover countries you may have never heard of before. Though when you decide which country you want to visit, you will still have to buy a regular travel guide, as this book doesn’t give enough information for that. It gives the basic facts about every country. The photos in the book are amazing, though sometimes it is still unclear what that country has to offer, because not all countries will show you the landscapes. This is the only thing that we believe could be a bad thing about this book. The book looks great and is easy written. We are sure you will like this book!!